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Insured Contractors

Anyone using a contractor that is not insured to save a few bucks is foolish at best, and a way bigger gambler than they may have imagined. Roofing is a dangerous business and very hard work. One slip can result in a fall causing serious injury, and back injuries are common, which makes hiring a contractor without workman's comp very risky. Although most state laws exempt home owners from these suits, you can rest assured some attorney is going to name you personally in a law suit, forcing you to hire an attorney to get dismissed from the suit.

Just as risky is the weather when it comes to roofing. Thunderstorms can blow up rapidly, and even the most experienced crews can get caught in the rain. An uncovered roof in a rain storm can cause significant damage to the interior of a home. Most contractors without general public liability insurance are not financially secure enough to repair major damage to your home. The option of not paying them does not work too well if they just don't come back. Uninsured contractors can work much cheaper than properly insured ones, so weigh the risks before hiring the uninsured to save a few bucks for the insurance company.

Licensed Contractors

Licensing requirements for contractors vary greatly from city to city and from state to state. Some have no requirements at all, leaving anyone with a hammer and a ladder instantly in the roofing business, some cities require limited testing at the local level before issuing a license, and some require that contractors pass a test approved by the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) or Block and Associates.

All-Storm Representatives have taken and passed the roofing unlimited test administered by Block and Associates, qualifying us to roof any thing, anywhere, and we have also taken and passed residential roofing tests approved by (ICBO). Check with your local building officials and see what they require and hire accordingly. Even if the city has no requirements don't be foolish. Your home is probably your biggest investment, don't hire someone with limited knowledge and experience to repair it.