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First let us thank you for visiting this site. We hope the preceding pages have been informative, and that they have helped you in the repair process.

All-Storm Repairs is a company formed, in 2002, solely for the purpose of repairing storm damaged property as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The company was formed by a person who has been in the roofing business since 1988 when he and his wife started a small roofing company. In 1994 that company incorporated and expanded to include the western half of two states, and quickly grew into one of the most recognized, and well respected companies in the service area.

In the last fourteen years we have seen a lot of bad things happen to a lot of good people, and have heard numerous horror stories that could have been avoided. The goal of All-Storm is to eliminate as much of that as possible, by providing the same service and commitment to our new customers on a larger scale that was provided to our very first customer in 1988. In doing so we hope to establish ourselves as the premier company in the storm repair business, and set a standard of excellence that other companies will be forced to match.

We at All-Storm Repair hope you find the following pages assuring, and that you will include us in your final decision when it comes to repairing your property.